Saturday, May 31, 2008

Christmas in July?

I know that Sunday is the first day of June. However, the reason I was late to a show tonight (other than the construction downtown blocking off most thoroughfares) was because I ran over a Christmas tree in a box which then got stuck under my car, necessitating Cheryl to get out of the car and pull it out from underneath while I alternately tried lifting the car and waving traffic around us (we were on the expressway exit ramp).

Yes, a Christmas tree.

If anyone had one go missing from their car Friday night, I might be able to help you out...


addiann said...

ohmygod, Bridgette! lifting the car??!!! No, no, no. (Were you really able to do it?) xox, Addiann

Bridgette Redman said...

No, it was definitely a matter of "tried." It made the car roll a bit and I realized that continued efforts in that direction might cause Cheryl to get a squashed limb. So I stopped.