Friday, December 7, 2007


November 19th? Really? That was the last time I made an entry and here we are on Dec. 7.

My apologies to those who read here. I really will get back on schedule. Right now I've been in a push to get a book to the printer in order to get into the bookstores before winter semester starts. We just did a page count and it turns out that I've added 140 pages of new content to the book.

So I've seen little except the inside of my office recently.

The exceptions were:
  • Doubt at Detroit Reparatory Theatre--and I AM going to write more about that one.
  • Social Security Scandals at Lansing Civic Players
And I think that's been it since Thanksgiving. No wonder I'm feeling out of sorts--that's not much theater at all. I'm hoping to turn some of that around this weekend by getting out to see Moonlight and Magnolias at BoarsHead, Macbeth at LCC, Rumpelstiltskin at Riverwalk, and Sunny Jazz and Holiday Memories at the Ruhala Performing Arts Center.

Then next weekend we're going to take a family trip to see The Nutcracker by the Greater Lansing Ballet Theatre (which I've had listed in my column schedule as GLBT Nutcracker. It makes me look twice every single time).

So I'm hoping that next week I'll start to get back into the swing of posting. I'll at least have time to think about posting which is more than I'm able to do right now.