Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nothing more than feelings...

Random feelings coming out of shows recently:

Flowers for Algernon: "Aren't we lucky to live in a community where people have the opportunity to scratch their creative itch. I'm glad I live in a place where people can turn to the arts in an attempt to find balance in their lives. This show is one of the signs of a healthy community." (Though I do wish the script itself had been less bloated.)

Leading Ladies: I walked into the show completely stressed out and tense from a rough week. I left relaxed and feeling better physically and mentally. The laughter served as a very real mental medicine, providing temporary relief from stress. It was better than a good pedicure.

Belles: Aside from the embarrassment I felt for the father who had brought his young daughter (after calling the theater to ask whether the show was appropriate) to a very adult show, I was deeply moved on an emotional level. My empathy for people was stretched. I was impressed with the talent and skill of these young women.

Stuff Happens: Would any amount of activism or protest prevented this mess (the war, not the production)? Do we really rely on the courage of a few in power who can stand up to their bosses and say "no, this isn't acceptable"? Yet, we reward with our votes the people who have shown the least amount of moral courage and insight. Instead, we demand that our politicians never change their minds, regardless of any new evidence (that's waffling).

Don Quixote: There is such beauty in non-verbal communication. The storytelling is so clear, yet not a single word is spoken. Dance is so athletic, it's surprising that there isn't more enthusiasm for it in schools.

Theater fills so many different needs. It's why it is sometimes hard to market theater. What you "get" from theater can be different on every night at every theater. It depends on what you bring to it, what you need, and what is being offered. I feel blessed that I am able to experience such a diversity.

Liking one kind of theater doesn't have to preclude liking another kind--even its opposite. For this, I'm grateful.

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