Friday, March 16, 2007

Opening this weekend

BoarsHead is opening Voice of Good Hope, a play written by its artistic director, Kristine Thatcher and the third and final installment of the Stages of the Law series sponsored by Cooley Law School.
The play is a loving tribute to Barbara Jordan, a black congresswoman from Texas whom Molly Ivins said spoke with the "voice of God."

The play is powerfully written, but I'd personally recommend waiting to see it until a little later in the run. It's going to be a wonderful production worthy of seeing, but as of the preview last night, it wasn't quite ready for public consumption. There were still a lot of difficulties with the lines, particularly on the part of the lead who has a very heavy load in this play. There were at least two times when there appeared to be major flubs that the actors had to work hard to rescue.

So do go see this play, just wait until they've had a few more rehearsals and performances under their belts.

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