Friday, March 9, 2007

Once on This Island

I've just come from The Gate where my son and I witnessed a sold-out production of Once on This Island put on by the musical theater ensemble.

It was a very moving production demonstrating the power of movement in storytelling. The young performers brought an intensity and range of emotion to this mythic fable of doomed love and prejudice that keeps people apart.

Once I've had time for my thoughts on the show to percolate and I've sat with my feelings on it long enough to explore them, I'll write a full review and post it at Epinions. In the mean time, my first impressions are that this is a group of young people who understand the power of storytelling. In one scene, they were able to move me to tears and my heart ached with the characters as they made choices from which there would be no return.

Once on This Island explores what it means to love in the face of betrayal and the strength and power of love that unbelievers desire to quench. It's a beautiful story and the performing artists at The Gate tell it well.

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