Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Best of...

I just got home from the Thespie meeting (which I am NOT going to blog about). With the 2007-2008 season drawing to a close, it's award time. The Wilde Award nominees were announced last week, the Pulsar nominees are being announced tomorrow and the Thespies have been decided. The local theaters will also be giving out their "best of" awards.

Given that I have a vote in the Thespies, I'm not going to state my favorites. However, I'd love to hear from all of you, my readers. Who are your nominees for the following categories:

  • Best play
  • Best musical
  • Best director
  • Best lead actor
  • Best lead actress
  • Best supporting actor
  • Best supporting actress
  • Best new work
  • Best ensemble
  • Best costumes
  • Best set
  • Best lights
  • Best sound
  • Best choreography
  • Any special awards
And just to keep it sporting, let's say you're not allowed to nominate yourself or a show that you were in.

Depending on how many nominees I get in the comments, I'll create a poll from them that anyone can vote in. It'll be this blog's Reader's Choice awards.

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Anonymous said...

Play: Mothers, Maidens and Crones
Musical: Godspell
Director: Suzi Regan
Actor: J.D. De La Ossa
Actress: Jane Zussman
Supporting Actor: Zechariah Shrum
Supporting Actress: Rachelle Garyet
New Work: Crones
Ensemble: Full Monty
Costumes: 1776
Set: Sugar Bean Sisters
Lights: Thunder at Dawn
Sound: 1776
Choreography: Full Monty
Special: Linda Granger, triple threat actress, director, and manager