Monday, June 11, 2007

Local Awards

How did June ever get to be so busy?

I remember when June was a slow month in the theater community. That's certainly not true this year. Not only is there something going on every week, but the final two weekends will see six shows going on concurrently.

It's also a time for theater awards. The City Pulse announced its nominations and they'll announce their winners this evening. They'll be holding an awards ceremony at Gone Wired Cafe from 5:30 to 8 p.m. It's $10 at the door, a price which includes a light dinner as well as the awards presentation. Those awards cover nearly all of the Lansing-area theater (if my understanding is correct, they exclude The Gate, Starlight Dinner Theater, and such out-of-city limits groups as Holt/Dimondale or DeWitt) and recognize top performances by individuals as well as total productions.

Between the Lines also announced its nominations for the Oscar Wilde awards. However, you'll have to wait until August to find out who the winners are. Their awards cover all professional theater companies in southeastern to central Michigan whose runs last at least three weeks. Lansing made out rather well this year:

Best actress in a comedy: Carmen Decker in Holiday Memories at BoarsHead and Erin Noel Grennan, "Unnecessary Farce" - BoarsHead

Best actor in a comedy: Corey Reiger, "Holiday Memories" - BoarsHead Theater

Best actress in a drama: Amy Fitts, "Trying" - BoarsHead Theater

Best actor in a drama: John Peakes, "Trying" - BoarsHead Theater

Best supporting actor in a comedy or drama: David Girolmo, "Unnecessary Farce" - BoarsHead Theater and Gary Houston, "Voice of Good Hope" - BoarsHead Theatre and Richard C. Redman, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Michigan Shakespeare Festival

(and yes, while I'll happily cheer for either Mr. Girolmo or Mr. Houston, I'm most excited about my husband's nomination. Have I mentioned before how completely biased I am toward the man?)

Best local professional musical/opera: "The All Night Strut" - BoarsHead Theater; Lance Roberts, director

Best actress in a local musical/opera: Jennifer Joan Joy, "The All Night Strut" - BoarsHead Theater

Best actor in a local musical/opera: Jason Richards, "The All Night Strut" - BoarsHead Theater

Best duo or trio in a local professional production: John Lepard & Tobin Hissong, "Rounding Third" - Williamston Theatre

Best Comedic Gender-Bending Performance: Mark Gmazel, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Michigan Shakespeare Festival

(Mark is a Lansing-based actor with incredible comic skill. His Thisby was really a performance not to be missed. Absolutely hilarious.)

And, of course, the Thespies will be coming out before too long, but as a member of the committee, I won't be talking about that one until after the results are published--if then.

Oh, and I still owe a post on 1776, don't I? I'll try not to let another week lapse before I post again.

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