Monday, June 18, 2007

Ah, Memory

Oh, to have the memory of a child again.

I remember when I was young how easy and fast it was to memorize things. Even as recently as five years ago I could read a script and have lines memorized within a few weeks.

I set my son's script out for him this morning and reminded him that he should work on his lines. He told me he already had them memorized. I was skeptical and so ran through his scene with him. Sure enough, he had them all memorized as well as some of his "sister's" lines. He just needs to work on his cues. Nor does he seem the least bit bothered by the language.

I'm firmly of the opinion that the younger you are when you read Shakespeare, the easier it is. You're not yet stuck in modern language patterns and are more open to diverse word arrangements. You're also far more used to figuring out vocabulary from context.

My son is also pretty excited about his role. The Lady Macduff scene which he is in is being intercut with the Macduff/Malcolm scene. He is excited that he and his sister are going to get to build a Lego castle. He also asked the director whether they would be using fake blood. Quick as can be, Mr. Neville-Andrews answered, "No, it'll be real. Everyone here will be required to donate three pints and (my son's name), make sure all your friends come on the first night..."

His father and I had a good laugh about that, however, my son informed me that it wasn't very funny. He said he wouldn't want to get all splattered with real blood. He said it would be sticky.

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