Friday, June 1, 2007

1776 & quoting people

I've often wondered how legitimate it is to post extensions of my column here. Many of the interviews that I do with people last anywhere from five to 90 minutes. It is far more common than not that I leave out much more than I put in.

This was certainly true of Riverwalk's 1776, for I ended up taking a very specific angle (that of the cast blog) rather than the broader preview that was covered by Mike Hughes.

However, I also like to be pretty upfront about what I'm interviewing a person for. Someone agreeing to be interviewed for the Lansing State Journal does not mean that they're agreeing to be quoted in my personal blog or in some other magazine article or whatever other source I happen to publish in.

It's one of those ethical issues that I currently take the safe route on--I don't use what there is the slightest possibility I don't have permission to. Perhaps in the future I could ask the permission, however at the moment that seems somewhat arrogant.

So, while carefully traversing the line of what is acceptable to share and what is not, I'd like to touch on something that I was not able to include in my column: Director Jane Falion's discussion on what a human show this is. It's something I'm looking forward to watching for, even though it likely won't be until next week given what my schedule looks like this weekend.

She talked about how one of the strenghts of this musical is that it puts a human face on people out of our history books. We see them as being very real and very funny. We also see their fears and their foibles.

....Sorry, got interrupted while writing this. I'll try to come back and edit it later this weekend. It's Be a Tourist in Your Own Town weekend and I'll be at the art show in Old Town all day Saturday.

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