Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arts make a city thrive

There is no better indicator of the spiritual health of our city, its neighborhoods, and the larger region than the state of the arts. The arts deepen our understanding of the human spirit, extend our capacity to comprehend the lives of others, allow us to imagine a more just and humane world. Through their diversity of feeling, their variety of form, their multiplicity of inspiration, the arts make our culture richer and more reflective.

Jonathan Fanton, President, MacArthur Foundation

Based on Mr. Fanton's criteria, Lansing need not fear for its spiritual health. This past year saw more than 90 live theatrical productions. It saw major stagings of operas. It saw a vibrant and robust symphonic season. It saw a wealth of dance concerts.

Lansing's art scene is alive and well with a diversity that could make many of its larger brethren envious. It could, that is, if people outside of Lansing knew how richly diverse our community is in its arts. For now, it remains a well-kept secret.

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