Monday, August 20, 2007

Changes to archives

I've made a few changes to my archived entries. I've removed all pictures of my son as well as his name.

Someone at Flyover has taken great exception to the fact that I choose to say positive things about Lansing. His latest e-mail showed an obsession with the abuse of young boys. His previous communications have glorified violence.

It's a simple matter to cleanse my blog here and curtail future statements that could put him in jeopardy.

For now, I have a column to write and a day's work to do. Perhaps this evening, I'll blog about I Hate Hamlet. Rain and scheduling kept me from being able to see Julius Caesar.


Anonymous said...

Wow - how sad it is and what a commentary on life that a person can't put proud comments and pictures of their son in their own blog. Bummer.

As for the person's comments regarding Lansing theatre - I've done theatre all around the world and I'll hold Lansing's theatre scene up to any of them.

Keep blogging and thanks for your support of both Lansing and the Arts.

Bridgette Redman said...

Thank you, anonymous. :)

There are many reasons to love Lansing and the arts in Lansing. The person sending out these screeds left here close to 40 years ago and I'd venture to say that things have changed since then.

I may be over-reacting on the safety angle, but with my son, I'd rather go a little overboard than regret not doing something so simple. I'll probably still talk about him, but I won't say where he goes to school or anything of that sort.