Monday, May 14, 2007

Six shows going on this weekend

I saw two shows this weekend:

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
at Riverwalk and St. Joan at Sunsets with Shakespeare. It had been my intention to go see Come Blow Your Horn on Saturday night but I came down with a painful headache that simply wouldn't respond to painkillers. It seemed a little unfair to go to a show when any noise made me wince. So I stayed at home.

This coming weekend I'll be at the MSU/East Lansing Arts Fair and won't be seeing much of anything. I'm scheduled to review BoarsHead's Under the Lintel, but I doubt I'll get to any show other than that one. For those with more time, there is the BoarsHead show and The Ledges Playhouse is opening An Evening with Mark Twain.

All told, there will be six shows to choose from in the local venues. There are also some good high school shows. DeWitt is doing Chicago--one of a very few groups who were able to get the rights to that show. The students going there really are very fortunate to have the program that they do.

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