Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Children's Ballet Theater

Last Friday I went to see the Children's Ballet Theater's spring production. The first half was a presentation of dances and the second half was the ballet Finding Anastasia.

It really was a fascinating evening and I'm awed at the work this group does. I took a friend's daughter with me--a 5-year-old who loves the ballet. She got a little squirmy during the first half, but was just as fascinated as I with the second part.

The first half, titled "Ballet Collective" alternated between ensemble dances and pax de deux (duets with a male and female dancer). I especially enjoyed the final number which will be going on to a Youth Arts competition this weekend.

Frankly, I don't feel qualified at this point in my life to provide a dance review, so I'm going to leave it at the statement that I enjoyed it. Perhaps in a few years after I've developed my skills further I'll be able to provide more intelligent comment.

The Finding Anastasia ballet was impressive not only for the dancing but for the dramatic presentation. The story was very clearly told and told on a grand, beautiful scale. I was impressed with the discipline that the dancers of all ages showed. Having just completed a production with children I have a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in that.

I also came away thinking that more guys ought to go into ballet. Certainly they'll have their pick of juicy dramatic roles to say nothing of the high physical fitness demands placed on them.

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