Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saying hello

It's been awhile since Sept. 21, so I'm stopping in just to post a hello.

There is a ton of theater going on right now. This past weekend I caught "Opal's Baby" at Starlight and "Dog Sees God" at Peppermint Creek. They were two vastly different shows--almost opposites. What I found encouraging was that both had large audience numbers. In fact, I think both of them sold to capacity. I know that PCTC had a waiting list and people standing outside hoping to get in. It was also encouraging in that the two crowds were very different. It was not the same audience going to both shows (which makes a lot of sense given how very different they were).

Personally, I find it encouraging that the Lansing area can support a diversity of theater that will appeal to different people and fill different needs.

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