Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Changes to Front Row Center

I've been teasing about this for a little over a week now, so it's time to spill the beans.

Part of the teasing was because I was still figuring things out and didn't want to commit myself before the ideas had been thought through. However, tomorrow's column will launch a new series of features that I'm planning to carry on throughout the year.

Starting tomorrow, I will alternate four new features which will each run once a month. They are:
  • Backstage tour: A look at individual organizations and how they are operated, what they perform, who they are. Who is involved with them? How much experience does someone need to become involved? I'll alternate between vocal music, instrumental music, dance, and theater.
  • Arts & Education: A look at the bountiful opportunities in our community to learn the performing arts, whether you are a child or an adult. I'll also explore some of the things that are going on in several different art education settings.
  • Spotlight: A personality profile on people involved in the arts whether they be artists, administrators, technicians, or patrons.
  • Arts & Culture: A feature looking at arts issues and how they affect the community. This will cover a wide range of topics and will explore general ideas such as voluntarism or the value of art as well as specific topics that are of immediate importance to the arts community.
I will, of course, continue to write about upcoming events and shows. It is my hope, though, that this format will allow for an even greater coverage of the arts community in a context that spreads beyond the week-to-week performances.

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