Monday, April 9, 2007


It really was a wonderful weekend for theater locally--as most weekend's are.

I was talking to one of my co-workers last Thursday and telling her it was a pretty quiet weekend for theater. Then I started listing what was going on: Rent at the Wharton, Voice of Good Hope at BoarsHead, Problem Child at MSU, and Ovation! at Lansing Community College. It's pretty amazing when a quiet weekend means that there are only four shows going on.

I had a blast at Ovation! and was so glad that I went. It was a sentiment that seemed to be shared by the packed auditiorium. Ken Beachler hosted as LCC students sang and dance 37 years worth of LCC musicals. As a review it was particularly enjoyable because they were able to pick some of the best songs from each musical, filling the program with songs familiar and beloved.

The production values were also quite high for what amounted to a concert. There were costume changes with every number as the singers came out dressed appropriately for the musical that the song represented. Some of the changes were incredibly quick.

There was also excellent choreography throughout--some by Janine Novensky Smith and others by various student choreographers.

All in all, a highly entertaining night.

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