Monday, November 3, 2008

The Early Girl

One of the reasons I insist that this blog is personal and not professional is so that I can write about things that would not be kosher to write about professionally--namely, those things which my husband is involved in. This is as it should be, because while I have the ability to be objective about my husband and his work (just ask him sometime what I tell him in private), I refuse to be objective about him in any public forum. He is, after all, my husband and as such, he gets nothing but my full support. If you ever want to hear anything negative about my husband's work (and I don't know why you would), you'll have to talk to someone other than me. (Indeed, be warned that I would be rather hostile to any attempts to engage me in a negative conversation about my husband. But I suppose that goes without saying, right?)

So, huge disclaimer out of the way...

Tonight and tomorrow the BoarsHead Second Company is performing "The Early Girl" by Caroline Kava. Lara Bidus chose this show about call girls in a whorehouse. It's a show that opened on stage the year I graduated starring Demi Moore, and I have to confess that I've felt a cringe here and there as it was referred to as a "period piece." I've barely adjusted to the 80s being "retro," much less the idea that a play set in 1983 counts as a "period" piece.

Richard is directing the show and cast members include Lara, Erin Clossen, Kristi Starnes, Kellie Stonebrook, Cassie Little, Meghan Nystrom, and Andrea Vesecky.

I've not seen even a minute of rehearsal (nor indeed, even met most most the cast). But I would encourage anyone (any adult, that is) who has a Monday night free--or who wants to escape the election madness Tuesday night (after you've voted of course!) to come enjoy this free show.

P.S. Because Dark Night productions take place on the set of the main stage show (and the current show is the excellent "All Childish Things"), Richard has been joking that the play takes place at the best little whorehouse on Tatooine.

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