Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weekend shows

Want to see theater this weekend? Try one of these:

  • Scenes from an American Life, Ledges Playhouse, Thursday through Sunday
  • Plaza Suite, Lansing Civic Players, Friday through Sunday
  • The Full Monty, Riverwalk Theatre, Thursday through Sunday (and next weekend)
  • Mrs. Warren's Profession, BoarsHead, Wednesday through Sunday (through Sept. 30)
  • Streetcar Named Desire, Owosso Community Players, Friday and Saturday
Oops! I'd planned to go see Streetcar on Sunday, but I now see that they don't have a second Sunday show, only a first weekend Sunday show.

Tonight I'm going to go see The Full Monty.

On another note, thoughts have been brewing in my head about an entry on why a critic needs to be honest and the value in saying critical things. So I appreciate the link that was sent to me this morning to an article written by a Baltimore theater critic. He really does capture many elements of being a critic in a town where people know each other--because the theater community is pretty tight wherever you go.

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